Friday, October 30, 2015

Stationery Central--the Abundance of Donations

One of my high schools has students with autism in classes that are more self help, pre-vocational and self-regulation centered than solely academic.  The two teachers have decided to try the "business" of creating and selling stationery to the other pre-vocational activities that the students have performed in the past.
Beauties created by a generous donor mom.
The stationery will be sold in the "School Store" during lunch periods and online.  What marketing wizardry this is, to add an online store.   We live in the age of convenience, in my yuppie neck of the woods, and being able to order from your comfy sofa at home or during a rushed planning period will certainly increase sales volume, don't you think?

A mom who has a student in the class brought in her stash of card-making supplies and tools and probably also her extra scrapbooking materials for the teachers to view and also keep some to get the business started.  Prepare to be amazed at her abundance:

The mom showed us how to make the repeating border designs flow along perfectly, even though you have to move the paper pretty often.

How to "wash" the stamps when you want to change color?  Rinse them with water.  Eek--I've never tried that before!

Hope everyone has a joyful Reformation Day tomorrow, followed by a mildly-frightening Halloween tomorrow night and a lovely All Saints' Day on Sunday.

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