Monday, October 12, 2015

Sneaky Snacks--a Motivating FM and Self-Help Activity

Leave it to Erica to write up another DIY sheet for a great activity, based on an idea from one of her teachers for students with cognitive disabilities:

Sneaky Fine Motor Snack
SUPPLIESVery clean egg carton or ice cube tray, favorite snacks that fit into the little sections & a Hungry Student!
Egg container.jpg
  • Cut the egg container’s top off with scissors. Recycle if possible!
  • Cut the egg container in half, so there are 6 spaces for food rather than 12.
  • Clean, clean, clean!  Let it dry. Then you’re ready to use it.  
  • Place 1-2 bites of food in each compartment for kiddos to grasp, pick up, and feed themselves independently. .
Egg container w food.jpg

Provides lots of opps to practice a fine pincer grasp, in a fun-ctional way.

Thanks to Erica White, MS, OTR/L, for the "How To."

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