Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Yep, we started back to school yesterday; students start September 8th.  That means we have a little bit of time for the "extras" of life at work. 

My OT buddy, Susan, and I decided to hurry up and plan a "Make It, Take It" session tomorrow afternoon on how to create a weighted lap pad.  Prep is simple because we have a blog post with the directions Making a Weighted Lap Pad and several handouts from the MCV/VCU OT students who helped us with creating adaptive equipment last spring.

If tomorrow's training goes well we hope to conduct more sessions for our OT staff and for teachers of students in special education, if our supervisors approve.  A couple of years ago Susan Custer, OTR/L, and I wrote a paper on serving students with significant cognitive impairments and we have oodles of ideas from that project.  Why not stretch out of our comfort zones and share the info we learned from preparing that paper???

Here's an adorable student checking out an adapted storybook.  Her eyes didn't always help her explore her world but her fingers were eager to learn!