Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Leaf Filter to Reduce Glare at Computer Workstation

One of my OT buddies uses a work cubicle with one side that faces due west.  It's lovely to look out the tall windows and see a line of deciduous trees gracing the length of the building, but it's pretty difficult to read the computer screen starting about 2:30 in the afternoon.

To reduce the glare factor, she ordered this leaf-shaped canopy from IKEA and set it up last week, since the sunbeams are hitting her splat in the face earlier and earlier each afternoon.

It works great!

Will take another photo later on to show how nicely the space above her computer monitor is being shaded by the canopy.  In this cubicle there is no alternative surface for placing the computer so something had to be done--pronto!

Update 9-14:  Here's another view of the glare guard:


Raymond said...

This is a great solution to glare! I've been having similar issues with my home PC. I also wear glasses so the glare problem is even worse! I think I'll be taking a trip to ikea and getting myself one of these. What a great use of the canopy, it looks like it's doing the job at keeping the sun out perfectly.

School System Occupational Therapist in Virginia said...

It does work well if you have a place to secure it that is high enough to allow you to easily get into/out of your chair.
Toward the end of the last school year I started using a "golf" visor while I worked at the computer and it worked just as well, although it looked kind of "dorky." A hidden benefit was that it shielded me from noticing the people walking by to go back and forth across the room, so I was less distracted. Always a good thing!