Friday, February 6, 2015

Exchanging 2-D for 3-D

It's getting warmer outside here in Virginia--time to think about cutting back the perennials and deciding which annuals to plant this spring.  Spring is also IEP time!!!

Since there's quite a bit of screen time going on at work (new evals to write up, treatment documentation, Medicaid billing via an online software provider, everyday e-mails related to the job) I think I need to take a little break from the computer when I'm off the clock.  So...

...I'll be spending more time at home in 3-D pursuits (napping counts, right?)  Please use the "Search this blog" feature in the right-hand column to look up previous posts on different topics for the next month or two while I keep my hands busy at home.  Hope to catch up with ya'll real soon.

Hark, I hear Stewey meowing for me at the back door.  Time for his daily brushing.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Kiddie Fisherman's Vest for Proprioceptive Input

I promise I haven't been online shopping at work!

Looking for an improvement to my makeshift rice bag/duct tape weighted items for kids I came across this post:

If you've tried a therapist-made or parent-fabricated weighted vest with your student and feel that it is helpful, maybe it's time to step up to a cool fisherman's vest that is probably quite durable and washable.  Use safe objects as the weights and you're all set. 

Varidesk--the perfect Valentine's Day gift for me...

I'd rather have one of these than another pretty bracelet...Uncle Grumpy (DH), are you listening?

Haven't seen one of these adjustable computer risers up close and personal, but it looks very promising and a lot less expensive than a full-desk with hydraulic riser for standing while you work.

Maybe this company will start making adjustable computer stations for treadmills???  Please do.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Shoe Tying Videos

Just found this link:

The photos and videos seem very clear.  There are three methods shown/demo'd for tying shoes.