Monday, October 19, 2015

Mummy Toast

We had quite a variety of mummy faces created as part of our Mummy Toast project this morning.  Had to admit that the faces with olives for eyes were a whole lot cuter than the ones with huge pepperoni slices for eyes.

Our highschoolers in a class for students with autism were enthusiastic when we described the toast as "Mummy Pizza," so if that works better for you, go for it.
Gather ingredients:  plain bread, pizza sauce, sliced mozzarella cheese, sliced black olives and pepperoni slices.  Students had the opportunity to twist open the jar, use a manual can opener on the olive can & grasp and pull apart the teensy-weensy sides of the cheese package.
Since we sent home very specific food preference/allergy questionnaires the first week of school we knew that one student was allergic to peanuts but everyone could eat anything on today's menu they wished to. 

My SLP buddy and I really like students to do all the steps of our activities, but for the sake of time we pre-toasted the bread.

Bad therapist.

If using a knife to slice the mozzarella was too difficult we cut with a bowl scraper instead.

One tbsp. of pizza sauce is spread over the toasted bread.

Cut up the cheese any which way you choose and place on top of the sauce.

Use black olives or cut-up pepperoni slices to make mummy facial features.  Broil for a few minutes, let it cool on the plate a couple of minutes and gobble down your Mummy Toast/Pizza.

We encouraged students to open the flip-down door of the toaster oven, using a hot pad if needed, but the oven was so hot that we decided to have just the adults place the food in and out, using tongs and a spatula. 

Our level of heightened safety precautions really depend on the self-regulation of the students on a particular day, and today there were several "engines" running on  high...

Want to know more about self-regulation and "engines?"  Here's a link:


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