Friday, February 6, 2015

Exchanging 2-D for 3-D

It's getting warmer outside here in Virginia--time to think about cutting back the perennials and deciding which annuals to plant this spring.  Spring is also IEP time!!!

Since there's quite a bit of screen time going on at work (new evals to write up, treatment documentation, Medicaid billing via an online software provider, everyday e-mails related to the job) I think I need to take a little break from the computer when I'm off the clock.  So...

...I'll be spending more time at home in 3-D pursuits (napping counts, right?)  Please use the "Search this blog" feature in the right-hand column to look up previous posts on different topics for the next month or two while I keep my hands busy at home.  Hope to catch up with ya'll real soon.

Hark, I hear Stewey meowing for me at the back door.  Time for his daily brushing.