Thursday, October 8, 2015

Make It, Take It--Session #2

Yesterday we enjoyed our 2nd Make It, Take It session for OTs on our staff.  Goal:  Complete at least two of the fidget items we planned--Fidget Ball, Fidget Mat (with or without maze) and Fidget Wristband.

Making the Fidget Mat took the majority of the time, but the other two items went lickety-split.  Here are some photos of our fun inservice:
We sliced up and braided donated t-shirts and it just so happened that two of them perfectly coordinated with Lauren's top!

Susan helps Lauren with fabricating a fidget mat maze.

Playdough, ziplock bag and cute socks--all you need for a Fidget ball.

Lauren claimed she couldn't sew but she was just kidding.

One of our OTs thought she couldn't remember how to braid, but she never really forgot.

Susan demonstrates the "whip" stitch to secure the edges of the Fidget Mat.

You can probably figure out that one of our OTs is crazy about flamingos and the color pink.
And, just for grins, here's my "grand dog" assisting with our first attempt at chalk painting this past weekend.  He wanted the paint to match his chewey and we did pretty well, don't you think?

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