Monday, March 17, 2014

Inflammatory Title But Still an Important Subject

There have been many articles in our local paper recently about the importance of moving throughout the day, not just when we're at the gym or briskly walking the family dog. 

It's striking closer to home for me since I'm in Week 9 of a ten-week program of strength and cardio training, run by a local physician, Dr. Madge Zacharias.  The weekly lectures have us all cringing at the chemistry behind what's happening in our bodies when we have too much blood sugar flowing around and not enough muscle action going on.  Anyway...

In today's newspaper I read the phrase, "Sitting is the New Smoking," and the thought was intriguing so I looked up an article from last year by a writer who used a similar line in a blog post:
Blog post about the effects of inactivity on our health

Don't know about you, but I'm sure sitting much more in my job than I did when I first became an OT (1978).  Lots more paperwork now.  Thankfully, there are oodles of stairs at our office building and those long school hallways make for fine trekking.  But, I still have to go to my boomer gym x3 per week...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely true about sitting more than I use to. Ironic that here we are trying to "do more" and "be better"...for us and our students....when in effect our physical health could be going to rot and ruin! I personally think we've gone overboard on the paperwork to the detriment of everyone. I need balance restored in my life. I used to work full time. I now do more paperwork on a 1/2 time basis than I ever did full-time even 10 years ago.