Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Treasure Hunt for the Gold

Yikes!  Forgot to post the treasure map we used a couple of weeks ago with high schoolers in a class for students with autism.  Here's the link to the original:  treasure map template
One student was the designated "navigator" and the job rotated among the students during the treasure hunt so each student could take a turn holding the map and leading the small group to the next place to find "gold."  This map shows the trail from the homeroom to the nearby art room.  Another student was assigned the job of asking the art teacher, "Have you seen a pot of gold?"  Being a wild and crazy art teacher she led the students on a wild goose chase and made it bunches of fun.
Then, we drew the next leg of the trail and proceeded to the library and finally the attendance office.  Our ever-clever and well-prepared SLP created these directions:

The attendance secretary added some delish gold-covered candies to the pot of gold coins--score!
Great activity for taking turns, better understanding the layout of the school, following a map and written directions and making requests.  Bet we can devise treasure hunt themes for each month of the school year...

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