Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sorta Biofeedback for Better Posture

One of our guy friends this morning was wearing this sensor/alert device and curious me asked how it worked...had it complicated was it to use...  device for sensing posture

He said it monitored his upright posture and sent a variable intensity vibration to the skin to remind him to stand up taller when he slouched, and that he had less pain in his lower back (he can now bend over forward without pain) because he was using better posture during the day.  I was floored.

In the 80's therapists used mercury switches (buying the parts at Radio Shack), attached them onto the collars of our clients and connected them to radios or tape players so the music would play when the client sat or stood "tall" and the circuit in the switch connected.  We had to keep fiddlin' with the placement of the mercury switch on the person's clothing to get it just right.  Frustration city.

This device sounds real interesting to me.  Have you seen one in use???

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