Friday, March 28, 2014

More Writing on a Vertical Surface

The class was discussing "S" words (think Spring) when I walked in, so my 3rd grader and I continued the theme by writing additional "S" words during our fine motor session that morning.
Those magnetic foam cubes from my therapy stash came in handy, since they would stay up on the partition wall we used for our writing surface.

We've been using the same sheet of bulletin board paper for about two months now.  Fortunately it's usually obscured by an open door and doesn't function as a distraction for the class.  It's about 5' high and 4' wide and it's great for having students stand while they work, reaching high and low to draw or write on the paper.
Students usually demonstrate better than normal grasp patterns when they write on a vertical surface with their wrists extended.  However, it is fatiguing if you don't intersperse the session with some tabletop activities.

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