Sunday, June 10, 2012

We Can All Hardly Wait

All school-based therapists who have summer vacation coming up--can you hardly wait???
Although I'm trying to stay calm, I can hardly wait for Friday at 4 PM.  No more school until mid-August--yeah!
Plan to tutor a little, find some home health gigs and spend time with girlfriends.  My DH is great but he's not into lingering over blueberry scones and chai tea at the botanical gardens.

He is good for many things, though, including not being afraid of the snakes we encounter on our hikes around Richmond.  We hiked the Buttermilk Trail along the James River in late May and initially walked right past this very long black snake.  After we realized he was sunning himself on a fallen log my DH wanted to pick him up and love on him but our daughter and I encouraged him to keep moseying down the trail.
I can only imagine how many copperheads were lurking in the lush ferns along the narrow trail.

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