Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Electrical Tape Boundaries

No, no--not electric boundaries!  We're just using electrician's tape to create visual cues to help students learn about their own personal space.

This sweetie in middle school loves to reach over into his classmates' work stations to "borrow" markers, papers, treats....which does not make the neighbors happy!  The instructional aide and I put our heads together this morning and came up with an idea for helping him understand the boundaries between his workspace and that of other classmates (and adults).

We simply applied red electrician's tape to the right and left sides of his table space and also taped strips along the sides of his chair since he prefers to sit sideways most of the time, further invading another person's space.  Our verbal cue will be, "Are you inside your red lines?" and we'll see if it helps him better understand, over time, where his individual workspace is located.

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