Saturday, June 23, 2012

Respect the Heat

Yesterday a friend and I walked just one mile, times two, on the High Bridge Trail.  High Bridge Trail  Although it was going to be a scorcher of a day it was still just 10 AM, so I thought the heat wouldn't be too bad...well, I was wrong.
Since it's a converted railroad line-to-trail it's quite open and shade was scarce.  I almost turned back after 5 minutes.  My buddy is a Grand Canyon hiker sort of person and she was undaunted.  We were only out in the heat for about an hour and all I wanted to do, deep down inside, was go home and drink tons of ice water before taking a long nap.  Could hardly concentrate the rest of the day.
Made me think about our students who have little tolerance for exertion and who spend most of their lives indoors.  How do they feel at recess or outside PE on those hot, Virginia days?  Can they recuperate and focus for the rest of the school day? 

Every summer I have to build up to working outside in the garden and being out in the heat, in general.  If I try to weed and dig and hoist heavy gardening supplies around the yard for too long the first few times I crash.  I bet our students with sedentary lives need to build up their endurance in increasing increments, too.

These views from the bridge will be spectacular come fall. 

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