Saturday, June 16, 2012

School's Out--Time to Explore iPad apps

Along with decluttering my forlorn gardens, treating my cats and dogs the way they deserve and trying to recall how to make dinner I'm hoping to learn more about using apps, since a friend loaned me her iPad for the summer.

To get started, I just found this wiki about school therapy apps and there is a wonderful idea at the bottom related to wearing a thin cotton glove with cut-off fingertips while using the iPad, to allow the hand to rest on the iPad while only the fingertips do the activating.

Anyone have favorite apps they use for working with students in schools and also for working in home health with adults and peds?  Please send me a comment with your favorites and why you think they're helpful--thx.

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Abby said...

My favorite school apps are LetterSchool, Ready to Print, Dexteria, and Injini. Baby Finger is great for basic cause and effect for little ones. I've written about my experiences with some of these apps on my blog:
I hope to write about more apps this summer as I have more time to explore them. I love learning about new apps for therapy use and would enjoy hearing what others are using. and are both great sites to learn about therapy related apps.