Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Last OT Session for the Year Should Be Fun

A little flour, a little salt, a teensy bit of food-colored water---a fun, fine-motor and sensory-imbedded activity to end the school year.
Students in this elementary class measured the soft flour and gritty salt, stirred them together in a generously-sized bowl, then squeezed a little drop (and sometimes a big plop) of food coloring into the water before adding it into the mixture, tablespoons at a time.
The mean OT asked them to pull the gritty dough out of the bowl with their hands and place it on the floured surface.
 I don't think this student ever opened a salt container before.
 Keep trying...
 Ahhh--it worked!
What does "Fill it to the top" mean?  The four students who worked on the activity definitely had different ideas about where the top of the measuring cup was located.
 Steady hands required to transfer the water to the big bowl.
 Stirring was a breeze.
We used recycled necklace beads for added fun.  Can you tell that the student is making a birthday cake design?
Wouldn't you have a fond memory of your OT if this was the final activity of the year???

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