Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update on trying out the "Thought Box"

Oh well.  Started decorating the "Thought Box" with a 4th grader today and it was well received, but for all the wrong reasons.

Due to my sketchy introduction, he got the impression that it would become the receptable for all of his ideas about playing a specific computer game--which I don't like to talk about during our sessions.  He clapped his hands and almost jumped out of his seat.  He was practically giddy when he began decorating the box top.  It was a disaster.

I've got to figure out how to retrieve this, since it might be helpful for him during the year.  Later in the morning I saw him getting furious about working with a substitute instructional aide and that would have been a perfect "thought" for him to put in the thought box to share later with someone he trusted.

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Monica said...

A thought... Tickets for talking... give him 1 or 2 tickets that he can use to talk about that computer game but he can only talk about those thoughts if he shares other thoughts... then just explain or model some of the times when the thought box would be a great thing to use :). It might be worth thinking about a journal instead of a box as then he can highlight the most important thing he wants to say about his game when he uses his tickets. At first it might be that he just talks about other things to get to talking about the game but if he finds some value in talking about those other things (resolution or ideas or feeling validated) then he will probably make the shift himself.