Friday, January 27, 2012

More Handwriting Fun With Those Recycled Placemats

Since I forgot to bring the Handwriting Without Tears book that has the master forms for the letter shapes, this afternoon we cut the shapes "free hand."  However, these were not as easy to use as the HWT shapes. 

This first-grade sweetie formed a word, using the white strip as the baseline, then I "copied" her word onto my paper.  We took turns forming and then "copying" each others' words.
Afterwards, we went back and labeled which words I wrote and which words she wrote. When I work with students I write with my non-dominant hand and it was a little hard to tell which letters were the adult's and which were the student's. 

Since I keep these papers for documentation of progress, her full name and today's date were written down on the paper before I left the work area.  There have been way too many times when I've had to throw away papers because I wasn't sure exactly who wrote them, or when.

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