Monday, January 2, 2012

Supernanny's Thought Box Technique

Over Christmas break I reviewed some of Supernanny's website info and was amazed with how much good info there is for working with students with emotional disabilities, autism and other behavioral concerns.

Supernanny Thought Box Technique

The Thought Box Technique might be helpful for students who feel like they are frequently being treated unfairly when they're in their general ed classes, at lunch, on the bus.  Or, students who frequently interrupt class to tell stories that are general in nature and do not contribute to the subject being discussed. 

I can see having the student decorate their own Thought Box and prepare a kit of small pieces of scrap paper and a ready-to-go pencil.  Using this technique may support independence, emotional self regulation, fine motor skills and perhaps increase self control.  It would be great if the student would set their own timer for the three minutes or so that they are allotted to draw or write a brief note to help them later recall their thought.

The trick will be when to review the student's submissions to the Thought Box.  For me that would probably be the last few minutes of the therapy session but teachers would have to carve out a time to individually meet with their students and that could be a challenge.

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