Friday, January 27, 2012

Fine Motor Obstacle Course

There were several empty paper ream boxes in the copy room at school this morning--a perfect time to make desk drawers (a later post) and this fun obstacle course. 
 We began with just a few obstacles between the shiny marble and the "goal post."  That was difficult enough!  Great opportunity to discuss gravity and practice managing tape without a dispenser or scissors.  You have to push the tape firmly to the cardboard and obstacles or else your marble will catch on it.
Once you've scored a few goals you need to make it even more challenging.  These obstacles came from my recycle box at home.  
Each student took a few minutes to imitate my words--goal, marble, obstacle, start, finish--on a sheet of paper so I can have a record of their current handwriting skills.  (no photo)
Yes, it can get pretty complicated.  Great bilateral coordination activity, too.  If the marble rolls too quickly for your students try using a larger goal and a wiffle ball, or putting a thin layer of felt on the "field" before you attach the obstacles and goal.

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