Monday, January 5, 2015

Aiming Toward Ship-Shape

Two minutes prior to this photo being taken, all these little scraps of student work were folded, crumpled and/or shoved into my planner or hiding at the bottom of my work tote.  Not ship-shape!

During therapy sessions I force myself to label each collectable with the student's name and the date, but that's it.  For the remainder of this school year I'm going to try real hard to put these scraps of "evidence" into a single, clear page protector until I have time to prep them for the student files.  Although I take photos of student work for evidence of their progress, it's important for me to collect hard copies of their work during the year so I can show the families how their child has progressed during the school year, since I don't always have a computer handy during our meetings.

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