Monday, January 5, 2015

Is it a fidget box? Is it a way to practice spelling? Is it a way to study word families???

Clear "jewelry" boxes, ABC beads, thin felt--combine them to make a bunch of school-related things:
  • By lining it on the bottom and up the sides and adding the letters of the student's name or a favorite superhero it makes a sort-of quiet fidget toy.  The student has to shuffle the box around until the letters line up correctly to spell a word across the lower edge.
  • Work on spelling by inserting "mystery" words that the student unscrambles and arranges in the correct order.
  • Put the core letters of a word family inside the box (the "ear" for bear, dear, near, hear...) and have the student write the missing first letter on a piece of scrap paper.  
Personally, I like the fidget box idea the best.  Need to find a way to make it completely quiet so I can use it myself during long meetings when I need to stay alert.

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