Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big Sister, Little Sister

The fidget mat production continues!  This fabric was not as thick as the initial mats I made, first attempt so it turned out to be pretty floppy.  That allows the little slider bead to move around too easily--no challenge!  If you look closely you'll see the white stitching that makes the maze.  Adorable fabric but not quite a fine motor challenge to improve prehension like my first attempts.

What's a frustrated OT to do?  Try combining fabrics to increase the stability and experiment with no maze and a smaller bead.  Turned out pretty well:

The mat on the right has no maze and one side of it is very soft, cashmere-like synthetic felt.  It has a 1/3" bead inside instead of a 1" flat, oval slider bead like the mat on the left.

Big Sister and Little Sister.  Let's see which one works better for the student; a sweet little kindergartner with the need to hold a soft fidget item in her hands from time to time during the school day.

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