Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Handwriting Apps for iPad

One of our OTs e-mailed our staff members, asking for recommendations on which apps they thought were helpful for handwriting practice, "to faciliate writing/letter formation for those students who really don't like pencil/paper and have not been successful with a multisensory approach."

Two of our more tech-savvy OTs agreed that their favorite is “Letter School” for letter formation and that Write It on the “Dexteria” app is also good for letter formations.

For students learning to write their name they recommended, “Write My Name”.

A third OT on staff wrote, "Letter School is my favorite, too. I also use iWriteWords and Penultimate. Word Wizard and Sentence Builder are also worth a look for students with Autism- though not specifically for handwriting practice."

When I get access to an iPad one day I will check it out!


Abby said...

I agree that LetterSchool is wonderful! I've seen a lot of success using this app to get students interested in writing using their finger, then a stylus and then paper and pencil.

I also really like the new app, Ready to Print. It was developed by an OT and addresses pre-writing skills and also has a letter formation component. Thanks for sharing this list! I am going to look into a few of those apps that I am not familiar with!


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