Friday, November 20, 2015

Use Your Schmartphone to Dictate Progress Notes

My schmart PT buddy, Lisa, recently demonstrated her method of dictating progress notes on the fly, using her smartphone:

Here is the process:
  • Open up Google Calendar on the smart phone and click on the event that you have created to schedule that student for therapy.
  • Click on Edit, and scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you will see "Notes" 
  • Touch the "notes" spot and a keyboard will pop up. 
  • Touch the microphone and begin to dictate your note. When you are finished, press "Done".
Then when you get to a place where you can open your computer, open up Google Calendar.
  • Click on that same event on the calendar.
  • Under "Description" you should see your note.  It may take a little time to sync the phone with the computer or you may need to refresh the page if the note is not showing up.
  • Then copy your note and paste it into Accelify*!  And there you have it!

*This is the online software program for billing Medicaid that is used by our county.

Even though it takes extra time to transfer the note from the Calendar description to the online billing system daily note my PT buddy carries her smartphone with her everywhere and is using it for her scheduling of students anyway, so it is quick and easy for her to dictate notes soon after she sees her students.

In order to use her work calendar on her personal device she has to initially go through a set-up with our technology and make sure it works in all of the buildings she visits.

Lisa luvs technology and she's helping us all use it to decrease our admin time and free us up to work with the kids!

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