Thursday, November 12, 2015

Simple Glare Reduction Idea for Laptop Users

Yesterday, one of our hard-working PTs was having quite an issue with the glare from the overhead lights while working on her laptop.  Even with her golf visor on she was squinting and straining her eyes to clearly see the screen while writing her progress notes.

Angling the screen backward from 90 degrees wasn't possible for her, due to her need to keep her forearms resting on the desk surface; there just wasn't enough room on our "landing strip" countertop for her to achieve a comfortable position for working.  What to do???

Aha!  Nesting the laptop inside an empty paper box solved the problem.  The glare was decreased and there was enough room in front of the keyboard now for her long forearms.  Plus, it's super easy to locate empty paper boxes in every building we work.

The air vents on the sides and bottom of the laptop do put out a lot of heat and she knows to monitor it for safety.  I think a spacer could be used to lift the computer slightly off the surface, if needed for improved ventilation.  She'll only use the box when she's directly working on her computer.  Use your own judgement regarding safety.

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