Monday, November 9, 2015

Standing Work Stations for On-the-Go OTs

Since our OT Dept. was moved to a renovated high school at the end of last year my new digs consist of a "landing zone" (honestly, that's what it's called) and a good number of pull-out horizontal file drawers for my files and toys.  When you add in the storage space available in the back of my car, it's more than enough for an itinerant therapist's needs.

Between visits the space is to be cleared of personal items, but it's super easy to shuttle my office-size pictures back to the file cabinet just a few steps away.

Steps, hmmm...I'm trying to spend more time on my feet this year so I realized that there was an excellent spot to use in the room for a standing desk.

The computer power cord can be snaked over top of a nearby work cubicle and the occasional person sitting there is always happy to share energy.  I cart over one of my pictures to keep me cheerful and, if I look to the right, I can gaze outside and appreciate the pretty fall leaves past the 200+ cars parked in the lot.  Of course, I can't see my car since my PT buddy and I have an ongoing contest to see who can park the farthest away.  You'd think I'd be thinner by now.

What about all the standing and walking--doesn't it cause too much wear and tear on the old legs?  Well, I'm head over heels about the benefits of wearing support hose--especially when they are this cute:  Crazy Socks

And, no, I don't make any $$ from telling you about this website.  Except for the cute patterned socks I like so much it's just a regular independent living aids company.

Wouldn't it be great if our workplaces experimented with standing desks for employees and even treadmill work stations???  We know it's great for most of our students, why not us?

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