Monday, December 2, 2013

Sharpen Your Pencils

Article on Older Drivers
You thought this post was about handwriting, correct?

Nope, it's about your writing.  How about it?  We have so much helpful info to share with folks at all stages of life's journey.  One of my OT buddies has started writing for fun and, often, for profit.  How about the rest of us joining in?  Start small by contributing a comment after you read an article that strikes home.  Build up by creating a slightly longer piece and giving it away for free to your favorite magazine as a reader blog post.  Step it up by writing an essay about a subject that is frequently mentioned in your city's magazine or local newspaper--and remember to do your homework about remuneration for such writing.

We had to write those long papers in school so we know it can be done.  It's a lot more fun when you're writing about something you know well, and enjoy.

Go for it!

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