Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glow lights and Garlands

Have some pool noodles that have seen better days?  We used cut-up pool noodles in an activity we did this morning with middle schoolers who have significant cognitive impairments.
We powered up a glow light to use as the point at the end of the string, then students chose a section of pool noodle which was decorated with a seasonal design (reindeer, candy canes, candles...) to string on the class "garland."  Did I mention, we turned off the overhead lights during this activity?

I must say, the students were either fascinated with the glow light, the string or the beads but not in the process of stringing a garland.

Next time:  1) use shorter string (the students enjoyed winding the string around their hands), 2) tape the photos onto the beads instead of trying to use pony tail bands to keep them on, and 3) make the table less "busy" so the students can focus on making a choice between pictures without seeing the glow light and string at the same time.

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