Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seasonal Fine Motor Activity

Unless you have students who don't celebrate Christmas this is a fun fine motor activity to try with older elementary and up students.

Trace around the n'little stocking shape, then cut the felt design out with "good" scissors.  Make sure your students are safe with handling sharp scissors because those regular small student scissors won't work well on felt.

Smear white glue or craft glue on about 1/4 of the stocking.  I tell students to spread the glue like peanut butter.

To save time, the adults pre-cut the little triangles and squares of remnant holiday fabric.  Some students lined their shapes up in a very orderly manner!

This 4" strip of trim adds a little highlight to the overall look of the stocking.

Most of the students tolerated the feeling of the cold glue without adverse reactions.  Some of them quietly rubbed the glue off their fingers without mentioning it. 
These stockings will look lovely when hung up in class, along with all the other fun projects, including fundraisers, the students have been working on this month.

This idea can be done with a variety of shapes based on different themes--evergreen trees, dreidels--just choose fabrics that match the traditional holiday colors. 

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