Friday, December 6, 2013

Personal Spelling List Albums

To help students become more invested in their spelling skills we made personal spelling list books, using the spell check feature of their NEO word processors to locate the incorrectly-spelled words, index cards and $1 photo albums.

First, I ran the spell check on each file of their NEOs to find which words had recently been spelled incorrectly, then made a MS Excel spreadsheet of the words.  Using Excel lets me alphabetize the words quickly and print a list in whichever size font is best for the students to easily see when copying onto their index cards.

Students copied individual words onto their cards, sometimes needing two cards to write all the words. We're not working on penmanship here, just legible writing.

It was a little tricky to slip those 4 x 6" cards into those flimsy photo sleeves, but it could eventually be accomplished.  One student could do the alphabetical order of the cards easily and the other student needed quite a bit of guidance.

It's an ongoing project for these middle schoolers in a class for students with mild mental disabilities. Another way to do this project is to have the students gather the incorrectly-spelled words themselves and create their own Excel spreadsheets, print them out and keep the list inside their class notebooks.  If students don't use a word processor you can review recent classwork and look for misspelled words.

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