Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sandpaper Letter Bits

I finally remembered to bring my fine grit sandpaper into school last Friday afternoon.
 If you write on sandpaper with a pencil it makes a wonderful mess all over your fingers and the table.
However, if you write on sandpaper with scented crayons it isn't messy at all, and the room smells like roses, or oranges, or limes or...
Cutting through fine grit sandpaper is a little bumpy, but nothing like cutting through coarse grit.  Yes, yes--the student should have his index finger touching the scissors so he can steer it better while he cuts.
 Hmmm, we made a lower case "b."
 This circle has a bit of a square top, but you can still tell it's round.
Each student drew and cut out the same shapes, a straight line and a circle, but must make different letters...
Of course, "d" and "b."  The "d" looks like a quarter note to me but let's not get bogged down in details.

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