Monday, May 13, 2013

Grasps--End of Year Reassessment

It's that time of year...getting down to the wire before school ends on June 14th.  Let's see how the students who are receiving special education services due to their mild intellectual impairments are holding their pencils and writing.

Above--a 2nd grader who writes pretty fast.  She's copying from a poster on the table which I took down from the classroom wall.  Thumb wrap, I'd say.  Lots of letters written from the baseline up and some in quite "inventive" styles.
 Grasp looks sorta okay for this 3rd grader, but his head is hovering just 2" above the tabletop.
 This 4th grader copies with fair accuracy, as long as the classroom is perfectly quiet and nobody moves.
Here's a 5th grader with a slightly awkward grasp but she can really write legibly, and with some individual flair, when she's motivated by the subject.

Not the prettiest of handwriting in the world, but legible.  Realistically, this handwriting is often better quality than what many general education teachers typically see in class.  

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