Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last "College Cooking" Session for the School Year

What's a de-lish concoction for the final session of the year?  Hmmm...summer is almost here---it's getting pretty hot and muggy in Richmond---how about---fruit pops?!

 Our basic ingredients--frozen strawberries, pineapple and already-mixed orange juice.
 Haven't seen too many right-handed students opening a package in this fashion.
 Pour in about 3 ounces of orange juice.
Add your favorite fruit (for our second batch we realized that we needed to add more strawberries than pineapple, since too much pineapple made the mixture taste too tart.
 Pour the blended mixture into tiny cups for later freezing.  Of course, we all tasted a little sample first.
 Use the power blender to mix up Batch #2.
 More strawberries=more pink-ish color.
One of the teachers sacrificed her ginger ale to add in with the other ingredients.  It also reduces the tartness of the orange juice and pineapple combo.
Our batches went into the freezer, but the hard-working OTR had pre-made some at home for a tasting after the session.
 Not quite popsicle-like, but the frozen fruit pop was goooood.
Our fresh batch went into the same container as the fruit pops I had made at home the night before.  The Saran Wrap is kept in place with a rubberband around the perimeter of the container.  Little slits were made above each cup center and a wide wooden stick was inserted through the top.  A few hours in the freezer and these will be ready to enjoy.

Hopefully, the students will mix up some of these at home over the summer.  Not a bad idea for us grown-ups, either.

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