Tuesday, May 7, 2013

College Cooking--Smoothies

On Monday morning the high school students in a class for students with autism practiced making fruit smoothies.

 Of course, strawberries and bananas taste even better with a little bit of peanut butter and/or chocolate.
 We reconstituted the PB2 to make creamy peanut butter.
 It was the duel of the single serving blenders--which would make the smoothest smoothie???
 Our friendly SLP was looking for some good sentences.
Most of the students were real comfy with peeling and slicing bananas.  You could tell who had practiced before.
 After tasting the smoothies the students rated their finished products.
 There were definite preferences--some students went straight for the chocolate and some only chose fruit.
On Tuesday, students in a class for students with emotional disabilities made smoothies, too.  However, ice was added to the mixture today.  We had avoided ice in Monday's smoothie recipe since blending it was VERY LOUD.
 To make the Magic Bullet blender work you had to hold down the top.  Lots of good vibrations.
 All the students demonstrated excellent accuracy when pouring.
One student wasn't crazy about consuming his smoothie, but agreed to create one for the classroom teacher.

We triple-checked to make sure the lids were secure before operating the blender.  The smoothies looked a lot more like store-bought when we used ice.

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