Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is All About Recycling

The cherry trees are in bloom!

How did the students create this beautiful scene?  Bottle bottoms and egg-shaped stamps.

Cut off the lower inch of small plastic bottles, paint with water-based paint and sprinkle with glitter.  Easy.

Let's add a different style of flower.  What type of blossom does this remind you of?

Asters?  Daisies?  Use cardboard centers from paper towel rolls to cut these shapes.  Dab in a puddle of paint and dust with glitter.

Sparkly!  You can change it up with crafting scissors which produce wiggly cutting lines.

Hmmm...what did the students make out of this gnarly cardboard???


This little guy's hand is usually tightly flexed, all day long, despite his fluctuating tone.  Holding the paint bottle during the activity allowed him to experience a few minutes of functional grasp.

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