Tuesday, April 16, 2013

College Cooking Continues--Grip Study

Yesterday's college cooking session focused upon the sensory aspects of preparing breakfast pizza as much as the steps in creating it. We stuck our fingers in the nooks and crannies of the English muffins, we spent time savoring the scent of the basil, oregano, pizza sauce and cheese.

Today's group, high school students with emotional disabilities, benefits from the social and language aspects of the activity as well as the fine motor challenges.  As the token OT in the group, I'm continually fascinated by the variety of grasps used.

Hmmm..what kind of grasps will the students use during the session?
 Students watched a demo of an adult opening the pre-cut English muffins.  The instructions, "Gently go around the equator of the muffin and pry it open."
 This student was very gentle in traveling around the equator.
 This grip looks good, but turned out to be awkward for pouring the pizza sauce onto the muffin half.
However, this is the perfect grip for chomping down on the finished product!

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