Monday, April 15, 2013

College Cooking--Breakfast Pizza

Hey, if you've been awake since 6 AM and at school since 7:20 AM breakfast pizza sounds pretty good!

What do we need?  English muffins, pizza sauce, basil, oregano and grated cheese.

Plus the non-food items--aluminum foil, toaster oven, oven mitts and a spatula.
 And...a communication board!
 The big debate--toast the half muffin first or leave it untoasted???

We're hungry, just spoon on the sauce.
 What is this student holding and trying to open up?  It's the shaker top of the basil, or maybe the oregano.
 Open the grated cheese carefully, without spilling the contents, then shake a spoonful or two onto the sauce and spices.
 Set the timer so we don't forget the n'little pizzas.
 Mmmmm, they look good.
 Use your aug comm device to request MORE PIZZA, PLEASE!
Everyone in this class for high school students with autism gobbled up their pizza.  Our peer helper asked if she could eat the "demo" slice.  Sure thang.

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