Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Car AKA My Office

Early morning in the parking lot of my Thursday school--what do I need to bring in with me from my 4-wheeled "office?"

The 3-ring folder for the school, files of students who are being evaluated, my work calendar and lunch cooler, of course!
Once a week I work with a student whose dad meets us at school to observe the sessions.  To keep things straight I made up an "ingredient list" of the items I need for those sessions, since I'm usually rushing to her school from another school.

One other day of the week I meet a student who is not on my caseload for tutoring at a public library.  I've made a little kit for these sessions and another "ingredient list" to keep me straight.  When I'm in a rush and trying to find something in my stash, I sometimes borrow items from one bag and forget to replace them.  My ingredient list helps me remember to replace everything so I don't have to wing it during a session because I've forgotten to bring in an item I need.

This is my little tutoring kit.  Yes, yes--I know that "tutor" isn't spelled "2-door."

A little ancient history question--does anyone aside from me know what carbon paper is for?

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