Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Standing Computer Work Station

A friend who works in the office next to mine wanted to design a work station which would allow her to switch from sitting to standing with minimal effort.  We discussed different ideas; mine were so complicated.  She ended up creating this excellent set-up:

The foundation is an empty box which once held copy paper.  The top lifts off so she can put reams of copy paper inside, to stabilize the box on the desk.  She used a heavy-duty stapler to attach a cut-out sheet of cardboard to the top of the box, allowing a wing on the right for the computer mouse.  Of course, she covered it with fashionable material.  Looks a little "Vera Bradley-esque" to me.

Yes, that's a photo of her gorgeous horse on her computer desktop.  The proud stallion and mare live at my house.

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Konstantin said...

Box for the keyboard is a good idea. But monitor has to be raised to the eye level as well to prevent straining the neck.