Friday, September 7, 2012

College Cooking

One of my favorite speech-language pathologists (SLP) and I met this morning to discuss our group ideas for this school year.  Our high schoolers may not all be heading for college next fall but they sure could use some practice with self help skills.  We decided to plan several sessions during this school year centered around "College Cooking."

Where to start?  Grilled cheese sandwiches made by ironing the bread--am I nuts? No, let's not do what I used to do in my dorm room; let's do something safe yet yummy.

My SLP surveyed the teachers and found no known allergies or sensitivities in the two classrooms for students with autism or the classroom for students with emotional disabilities.  So, we can prepare anything we want as long as we can make it with a microwave, air popper, blender or other small appliance.  What to make next week?

Trail mix!  Measuring and pouring, stirring and stabilizing the bowl with the non-dominant hand, heating margarine in the microwave and mixing it in, scooping out portions into small plastic bags--it'll be excellent for a beginning activity.

Here are some recipes we might test during the year:
Chex Mix Recipes

Just to be on the safe side I'm going for gluten free.

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