Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just thrift, thrift, thrifting away

At our local thrift store this AM I not only found the perfect b-day gift for a party tomorrow, but all this great stuff for work: to use this treasure?  Here are some possibilities that came to mind:
The hair bands can be sorted by color or size but it would be even more fun to make them into wristbands or create an activity that requires the student to stretch out the band when attaching it to something else, to promote finger strength and coordination.
The Grinch tin is being saved for Dr. Seuss' b-day celebration in the schools, to fill with Hershey's hugs and give to a favorite librarian who always lets me use her computers.
The wide-handle fork and spoon are going into my stash of feeding equipment.
The cobalt blue timer was irresistible and I'll use it for my behavior management system.
The red plastic needlepoint sheet will go under paper while little ones color with stubby crayons, to give them increased proprioceptive feedback about where their fingers are driving the crayon.
The Fisher-Price schoolhouse box was charming and still clean;  I'll use it instead of a boring plastic tote to keep my collection of student scissors, crayons, other manipulatives closeby when working with students in elementary classrooms.  Also, the latch isn't super easy to open and it will challenge the students' problem solving and fine motor skills.
Finally, the quilt batting.  To make clouds, of course!

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