Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Play Before the Real Work Begins

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the States!  I spread out my labor over the last couple of days so I could "yak" in the lake this morning and enjoy a traditional BBQ lunch at home, via my hard-working, trusty crockpot.  The best part of the meal was dessert--banana splits! 

If you look closely you'll see more fruit than ice cream, and only a slight drizzle of chocolate sauce.  That kind of thinking is definitely called rationalization.
Speaking of drizzle, here I am, kayaking with my dear daughter in the rain.  The menfolk helped us launch and then skeedaddled off to read their newspapers in the warm, dry cab of the pickup truck.

 Doesn't the poncho go nicely with the sunburst colors of the kayak?
What's a little drizzle, quickly turning into a light rain--we wanted to be in the water, right?  Since the lake was so high we were able to explore the lagoons that normally are too shallow for the kayaks to float into.

Tomorrow is the day that students return to schools in Virginia.  I have two "old" schools and three new schools.  The adventure begins afresh!

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