Monday, May 23, 2011

More Letterboxing at the High School

Our letterboxing activity continued this morning.  Thankfully we had beautiful weather, which was very important since it was SOL testing day in the school and the halls needed to remain very quiet during testing.  Our students were quite excited about the activity and it would have been a little difficult to only whisper as we traveled down those long hallways.
Our speech-language pathologist had spent her weekend making up the directions for finding the letterbox kits at two locations outside the school building.  She made up a set of directions with pictures and another set of directions with only text.  The students slipped the shorter, text-only version into their letterboxing journals.  Can you guess where we were headed first?

 You're right--the tennis courts! 

Our letterboxing kits aren't fancy, just clear plastic bags with the stamp, journal and stamp pad inside.  One observant student found this kit pretty quickly, tucked along one side of the court.
We sat on the tennis court and took turns putting our personal stamp into the journal for the tennis court.  Second, we took out the stamp representing the tennis court and stamped it into our personal journals.

 Some students needed a little physical cueing to stamp firmly enough for the design to be seen on the page.
The second mystery location turned out to be the modern sculpture in front of the school's main entrance.  The poor occupational therapist worked hard over the weekend to figure out how in the world to represent this design in a simple stamp.

 Our very observant student was able to locate the letterbox kit for this location.
Students took turns stamping their stamp design into the journal for the sculpture and then stamped the stamp design for the sculpture into their personal journals.
The OT's husband had told her that the tennis racket design looked like a tree, but we all agreed that it really does look like a tennis racket, sort of.

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