Monday, May 16, 2011

Letterboxing continues

Our letterboxing activity is ramping up.  Today we traveled to the school office and the library, to ask staff members which of  two clip art pictures better represent their workspaces.  Tomorrow, students will create a custom stamp for the office and another for the library, along with journals for each, and then assemble a letterboxing kit for both spaces. 
It was a gorgeous morning so we walked outside and practiced what the students would say to the different folks.

In the school office, the telephone icon won over the envelope icon since the office staff said they spend most of their day answering the phone.

One of the students brought along his letterboxing kit (stamp, journal, ink pad) to show staff members what their letterboxing kits would consist of after their custom stamps were created.

It was another student's turn to be the lead interviewer, so she and the speech-language pathologist practiced in the hallway outside the library.
We have very thorough librarians and they discussed with the students the pros and cons of the two choices.

After a little discussion, the clip art picture of a person reading a book was chosen.

Later this week--making more stamps and getting ready to use text/visual direction sheets to locate letter boxes around the school.

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