Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Snips

When you're shaky to start with, and life is so exciting that it makes you shake even more, and the foam you're trying to cut looks like the back of a stegosaurus...well, it's hard to hold your hands steady!

All year this little guy has had trouble even attempting to cut paper (even thick paper) so we tried cutting a leftover strip from one of the wristbands we made yesterday.  If I held the foam nice and taut then he could snip without turning the scissors into a plow.  So what if he used two hands--it's a start.
One cool thing about cutting along a dinosaur backbone is that some of the cutting areas are shallow and some are deep, so it's not too hard and not too easy when you're first learning how to coordinate your hands with the scissors.  Also, the ever-vigilant OT can shift the cutting spot a little to suit the student's abilities.

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