Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Foam Wrist Bands to Increase Spelling Accuracy

What--wrist bands to aid spelling??  Bear with me. 
First, have your student cut a long rectangle of skinny foam that is just a few inches longer than their wrist circumference.
Near one end of the band, cut a slit approximately 3/4" long.  At the other end of the band, cut a fish tail-like design.  This will function as a latch so the bracelet will connect at the ends.

First, have the student write his/her name in the center of the bracelet.  This is the part he/she will see the most so it's prime real estate.

Now, pick one or more current vocabulary words or spelling words and have the student write them around his/her name.
At least for today, the student will see a couple of spelling words many, many, many times during the day.

Go ahead and make another one--but make it trickier to cut out.

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