Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Making Better How-To Videos

My SLP buddy and I have been going 'round and 'round with recalling the tricky steps to programming an older device we're using to help a young student remember to swallow more often.

Although the device came with a set of directions, they are quite cumbersome!  The student spends most of her time not wearing the device because 1) the battery has run down and the vibration mode has stopped working as a result, 2) the student has pressed too many buttons to stop the vibration alert that goes off every two minutes, resulting in the programming getting out of whack, and/or 3) the device is missing.

Not much we can do about Reason #3, since we're not in the classroom all day with the student, but we certainly can decrease the time lost due to Reasons #1 and #2, even if the battery needs to be replaced on a frequent basis. 

We wrote out a script, making it as simple as possible, pulled out an old Flip camera, and started filming.  The result is a little fuzzy, but we have a video now to use when training the student's instructional assistant.  Whew!  Using an Invisible Clock as a Alert Timer

Of course, we can make it better by using a tripod to stabilize the camera and not worrying about the fact that there's no way possible, given our skill sets and equipment available, that we can make the small display screen readable throughout the video.  So, stay calm, follow the directions, and do exactly what we tell you!

The device is an  Invisible Clock, circa 2000????  Looks like the company is still in business:

If you have used other wearable alerting devices to help students remember to swallow, pay attention or practice a positive behavior, please share your experiences.

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