Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dinosaur Eggs Make a Good Stand-In For Easter Eggs

Lottsa bunnies and pastel eggs showing up in classrooms and hallway bulletin boards this time of year, at least in the elementary schools.  Cutting out circles, ovals and leaf shapes to create these figures is a wonderful, functional fine motor challenge but there are times when I'm not sure if my student's family is keen on having their child create items that are closely related, in least in the minds of many folks, to a specific, religious holiday.

So, what's not to love about making dinosaur eggs?  I always choose the vegetarian variety--a brontosaurus--but most students head straight for the carnivores.  This little girl was no exception; only a T-Rex baby dinosaur egg would do!

I used the activity as a means of assessing my student's typical grasp of a pencil and scissors.  Many opportunities for tallying up how many times she picked them up with an age-appropriate grasp, as well as measuring her cutting accuracy.
It's important to cut around the egg very smoothly, so the baby dinosaur won't get scratched when he comes out...

Draw a line from one side to the other, where the baby dinosaur is cracking the egg open

Use your scissors to help the baby dinosaur break the egg...

Wait--we forgot to make the baby T-Rex!

Put the egg back together and hide the baby dinosaur underneath...I hear a noise inside the egg...he's trying to get out...EEK!  It's a baby T-Rex--run for your life!

This activity deserves its own take-home bag.

Although I'm careful to respect the preferences of students and their families when it comes to materials used and activity themes, when it comes to a personal comment from me to you, I want to say:  I hope you have a joyful Easter!

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